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instore printing and scanning

We can offer you instant instore printing or photocopying whilst you wait, we can print A4 & A3 sizes and this can be black & white or colour. We have two different high quality paper weights which is 120gsm or 300gsm silk for this service.


Please note although this is a high end copier machine, this is not a high quality production printing machine so certain products, such as art prints or photographs, are not suited to being printed on this machine. The printers we have at our own factory are of production quality and if you are unsure please speak to a member of the PrintSponge team.


Our instore scanning service allows us to offer any size of document scanning up to a maximum of A3 in size, we can scan documents or artwork up to 600dpi and the scans can be taken away on a usb stick or emailed to you.


Our instore encapsulation service allows us to offer A4 & A3 printed sheets in b&w or colour with full encapsulation.

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PS instore scanning mock up 1.png
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